No Lace pickups anymore? Bill‘s endorsment has changed.. 

Carl N.

Yes, Bill's endorsement has changed.  Good eye!

Ricardo A.

If i want to replace the pots on this guitar, should i go with short or long shaft?

Carl N.

Should be fine with short shaft.

Michael L.

It's not a common color.

I think we may shoot a lot of riffs with that guitar ^^

Carl N.

Best of luck Michael!

Luke C.

Any chance on a lefty?

Carl N.

Hey Luke, not currently but thank you for your input!

Tony K.

Not sure if I feel duped or not..??  I picked up a brand new ESP LTD Bill Kelliher Signature BK-600 on Black Friday 2019 before Christmas through Sweetwater Indiana.  As I ordered it....It came as expected with the Lace Sensor Dissonant Aggressor pickups...which are the original signature pickup version Bill intended for that guitar and specific Mastodon tone.  Bill Kelliher was here in Vancouver, B.C. December 12/19 a few weeks ago for a ESP promotion clinic at Rufus guitar store.  I was honored to see him and he autographed my guitar on the backside body   

So...the kicker is, now I'm seeing and just learning this signature guitar is now being loaded with Seymour Duncan distortion pickups in it..?  IMO....now loaded with SD pups...how can this guitar remain a "signature" guitar of Bill Kelliher...?  Which means it no longer carries his original unique Mastodon tone....and should be rebadged and called a Gen 2 model so buyers can know that there is a difference in tone.

I understand if Bill left Lace Sensor..that's his prerogative.  So should I feel blessed or privileged to own the "original Lace sensor signature guitar version" and it being autographed by Bill...??  How does this new Gen 2 version alter the value or resale value of my Gen 1...??....is it worth more or less now..? 

Well...all in all my Lace Sensor aggressor pickups Gen 1 guitar sounds kickass with 12-52 D'Addario NYXL strings tuned to drop CGCFAD.  Tone complimented with a REVV G4 aggression pedal and keeping that aggression tighter with a Fortin Grind.

Carl N.

Hey Tony, artist change their specifications all the time, you shouldn't feel you received less of an instrument because you received one with their previous specification.  I am sure it is worth more now with his signature.  Hope you continue to enjoy it!