Richter Nergal Signature


Richter Nergal Signature
$47.00 $39.95
(U.S. Only)

  • For Guitar or Bass
  • Width: 2.36” (6 cm)
  • Length: Adjustable 39.4 - 57.9” (100 - 147 cm)
  • Handcrafted genuine leather

This high-quality leather guitar strap offers a timeless and durable design, and features the Behemoth “Triumviratus” logo. Made of robust Italian bovine leather with matte finish, this strap is treated to give the surface an authentic slightly distressed and worn patina look. Saddle thread gives the strap a striking contour. It offers a smoothed, polished and lint-free leather surface on the inside for a perfect grip… not too slippery, not too sticky.