Premium Guitar Gig Bag

Premium Guitar Gig Bag
(U.S. Only)

Established in 1984, TKL has become one of the most trusted brands for high-quality, reliable instrument cases. Much more than a typical soft case, the ESP by TKL Premium Gig Bag offers excellent protection for your guitar or bass while remaining light and easily portable. Perfect for travel to jams, recording sessions, lessons, and gigs, the ESP by TKL Premium Gig Bag fits most standard shapes of ESP, E-II, and LTD instruments (not compatible with Arrow, EX, V, TL Series, and other non-standard body styles).


  • T-Cord™ 600 Rugged Water-Resistant Exterior
  • Grab ’n Go™ Transit Handle
  • Pack Smart™ Accessory Storage Pockets
  • TKL EZ-Glide™ Performance Plus™ Zippers
  • Comfort-Grip™ Series III Precision-Balanced Handle
  • IPX™ Dual-Density Super-Thick Foam Padding
  • Cushion-Soft™ Ultra-Protective Plush Lining
  • Ultra-Thick Padded, Dual-Direction Shoulder Strap
  • Safe & Sound® System II Pouch
  • 24/7 Protection® Limited Lifetime Warranty

Santiago C.

Will this fit the MH 417 left handed? 

Carl N.

This will be a little tight around the headstock so we would recommend the MH XL case which is made for extended scale M & MH instruments.

Jason P.

Will this fit Vipers?

Carl N.


Ron Stearns

Will this hold the LTD EX401?

Carl N.

not compatible with Arrow, EX, V, TL Series, and other non-standard body styles, you'll want our wedge gig bag or EX case

Travis W.

I know it's an older model, but will this fit the LTD X-Tone PC-2? Or do you have a case that does?

Carl N.

Hey Travis, yes this will fit the PC-2


Will this fit the Phoenix guitars?

Carl N.

Hey Jakey, you'd need the wedge gig bag to fit this instrument.

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