Myles H.

Why is there not a Pepper Keenan Signature Viper? You good fuckers at ESP should get him on your roster......

Carl N.

Thanks for the insight Myles!

Justin D.

I got the pleasure of playing an E-ll Viper baritone today and it was fantastic but its a bit out of my price range  the ltd viper-400b looks to hit most of the marks the of its E-ll counter part but the issue for me lies in the emg pickups they just don't seem to have the right feel outside of the nasty dirty tone we all know and love the, cleans left a lot to be desired for myself would it be more beneficial to just go for the viper-201b and mod it to spec?

Carl N.

Hey Justin, this would all depend on you.  If you were going to mod the instrument anyway might as well go with the one that feels better for you.  I'd check out both the 201 and 400 and see which one suits you more.


Waiting for the return of the V I P E R 407!!! Put some  707s on them!!!!! HARD!~!!

Carl N.

Hey g3wdvibes, might be waiting for a bit, we did just update the Viper Black Metal this year to be a 27" baritone scale seven string.

Hekate's flame

How well do the Viper and the Eclipse guitars stay in-tune with the standard configuration (TOM bridge and Grover tuners)? 

Carl N.

Hey Hekate, a properly setup instrument should keep its' tuning for a while.  Though different player's styles can affect this.



Just a quick question. Are there more types of VB-400 out?

This one's supposed to be a VB-400 but is doesn't have the position markers on the neck as the ones do on this site's pictures.

The back of the head doesn't look like the ones I can see on this site either.



Todd B. ESP

Hi MRC, That looks like an older model. In the past we have made VB-300, VB-400 and VB-401. That is over the past 15-20 years or so. The one on our site is the current version we offer, which would be similar in build to the VB-400 and VB-401.


haha you got the OG one as well, I think this model looks way harder