Guitars in the LTD 1000 Series are designed to offer the tone, feel, looks and quality that working professional musicians require in an instrument. The new LTD TE-1000 EverTune is the first TE guitar shape ESP has offered that includes the powerful and innovative EverTune constant tension bridge, ensuring that under almost any conditions, your guitar will stay in perfect tune, and have incredibly accurate intonation at every point on the fingerboard. The TE-1000 EverTune has a set-thru 3-piece maple neck on a mahogany body with flamed maple top, and features the new EMG 57TW/66TW set with coil-splitting on each individual pickup using push-pull controls on the volume and tone knobs. Available in Black Natural Burst finish.

Flamed Maple
3Pc Maple
Macassar Ebony
Fingerboard Radius
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
24 XJ
Hardware Color
Strap Button
LTD Locking
Evertune (F model)
Neck PU
EMG 66TW *(Pull Volume to split)
Bridge PU
EMG 57TW *(Pull Tone to split)
Electronics Layout
Volume(Push/Pull)/Tone(Push/Pull)/3-way Switch
D'Addario XL120 (.009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042)
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.
G Michael H.

Remarkable instrument just as it comes. I'm on the prowl for a prime candidate TE style guitar for a Fluence/Sustainiac(or like) setup. Which could set next to the unmodified version and I think both would be highly functional sonic pallets to get caught up in. As for aesthetic design it's stunning, but as is the TE 200 range which I find impossible to not want but struggle to find anywhere that can keep stock of the full range so I can pick two. I wouldn't have thought the 200 would have any of that "ESP" feel, but they do. Great work on this TE line, something for everyone and some hidden highly functional gems on the bottom shelf. ✌️

Richard K.

This guitar would look amazing in Violet Andromeda! 

Carl N.

Thanks for the insight!

Benjamin S.

I own one and it’s a great guitar.  Wish it had a solid top as I had a horrific misfortune when I needed to replace the saddle on one of the strings.  I loosened the strings to remove tension before removing the bridge.  When I held the bridge in place in the back, I heard a pop and it cracked the finish between the bridge and the bridge pickup.  Purely cosmetic but still bothersome.  I don’t feel that this would have happened if it was a solid top as there would have been more support near the top of the guitar.  Word of caution to anyone needing to replace any saddles on the evertune.  Remove the strings completely so there’s zero tension on the bridge.   Unfortunately it’s a factory 2nd so the warranty is up.  :( 

Carl N.

Hey Benjamin, sorry to hear about this misfortune, though this probably still would have happened regardless if the instrument had a solid top vs a veneer, finish can only take so much pressure till it cracks.

Benjamin S.

It wasn’t just the finish.  It was the entire piece of wood. I had to use a wood filler to make sure it’s secure in place.  It’s the piece of wood between the bridge and the bridge pickup.  It’s about the thickness of a ruler.  I feel like there could be a stronger support there and this shouldn’t have happened.  I feel like there shouldn’t be a piece that can break off from pressure from the strings.  It’s a major design flaw.  

Carl N.

Hey Benjamin, this is the route for the evertune bridge, this would be the same measurement if the spec were a solid top or a veneer.  I hate to play devil's advocate but from your original comment it sounded as though an accident due to not removing tension from the bridge caused this.  Wouldn't really call this a design flaw.

Benjamin S.

I understand your logic on this one.  I know that’s the routing for evertune bridges on any guitar.  It seems to me there’s more space to probably get another couple millimeters if thickness on that piece of wood.  Yes there was SOME tension on the strings but they were extremely loose.  I would have never dreamed the amount of tension would have caused this.  It just seems like it could be stronger whether it’s a solid top of just a little bit thicker.  

Jeremy S.

Here's a question. I'm a big fluence guy. How do these EMGs compare? Are they hotter than the standard fluence classics or moderns?

Carl N.

Hey Jeremy, EMG was the original hot active pickup, check out some of our demos and you can hear the difference between these pickups.

Scott G.

Hey, my question is about the maple top. Is it a veener or a maple top and how thick is it?

Carl N.

Hey Scott, this will feature a flamed maple venner about 1mm-2mm thick

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