lol i like chiken h.

when will we get a flying v ltd


Todd B. ESP

We used to offer the regular V series (like our Esp or E-II V Standard), but that has been discontinued and replaced with our Arrow series for LTD.

Ronnie L.

I have ordered one of these beasts, when will it be available in the UK?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Ronnie, You should contact your dealer or nearest distributor to get an answer on this. Here is a link to our distributor page:

Lucas S.

Awesome looking guitar, cant wait to try it. Is the V series going to be back?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Lucas, Great, hope you like it when you try it! No, the Arrow is replacing the old V shape for now.

Jonathan M.

Any plans for an Arrow-1000NT? There is currently no option for a hardtail in the LTD Arrow series. Also, did you guys discontinue the V series??

Todd B. ESP

HI Jonathon, We do not have any Arrow-100NT plans at this time but it could happen. Yes the Arrow has replaced the standard V series from before.

Austin K.

Any plans to make a 7 string Arrow besides that limited Babymetal run? I’d sell my kidney for one with this finish. Make one with an evertune, and I’d sell my soul for it.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Austin, Currently no plans for this model, but a pretty good idea. Thanks for your suggestion.


There is a 7 string arrow in stock in musamaailma (Finnish esp distributor) but it has a Floyd in it