Michael D.

Why aren't the frets stainless for $2,000?

Carl N.

Hey Michael, while stainless steel frets aren't a new thing, the demand for them sure is.  Typically these have been reserved for the higher end custom instruments or as an aftermarket addition for the discerning musician.  While these are currently standard on ESP USA instruments we are not offering them on E-II models at the moment.

Greg T.

Any chance of a passive pickup option?

Carl N.

Hey Greg, these will only be available with the pickups shown.  Though any pickup could be installed later if you wanted.


Why is this model $100 more than the blue/purple fade Horizon. What is the difference?

Carl N.

Hey Pitdog, these models use different pickups with this particular one using EMG's newest set.  This will be the reason for the increase in price.

merar r.

why does the guitar have a gloss neck

Todd B. ESP

hi merar, Most all of our instruments have gloss necks if they are set neck or neck thru. This is so the finish matches the body. However some of our newer models have satin finish necks and we are considering adding more like that.

Josh B.

Gloss is better for me. My hands stick to satin. Not everyone has the same skin texture on their hands. 

Cyrille G.

Hy guys! Is there a chanc e to build this exactly same model with a floyd rose tremolo?

You guys rocks!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Cyrille, Thanks! We have made different versions available with FR tremolo but not this exact color and model. thanks for your suggestion.