Bryan M.

The inlays are mother of pearl right? Really like the snow white.

Carl N.

Yes, this will be mother of pearl

Jack C.

Hey esp how much bigger (mainly width) is the body of this guitar compared to the esp ltd 256? I’m really considering buying one but am a skeptical about the size of the body. A reply would truly amazing.

love your guitars 


Carl N.

The body shapes will be relatively similar as they are both Eclipse shaped instruments

Austin C.

I would love to buy one of these. I’ve been trying to buy one for years. Unfortunately we can’t really get them in Canada, I’ve ordered and eclipse 3 times and each time after about 8 months of waiting the store tells me it will be another 6-12 months. Then it never ends up coming. I’ve tried with the biggest dealers in Ontario and they never show up. I don’t blame the retailers for this, obviously there’s a problem with ESP shipping to Canada. I know multiple other people who would buy an ESP if they could but don’t want to wait over a year to get one. I would have bought many by now but I’ve given up. Guess I’ll never be able to own one. Absolute joke. 

Carl N.

Hey Austin, sorry you're having such trouble getting this in your area.  These have been in fairly high demand though we have been getting regular shipments of these throughout the year.  Your local ESP distributor would be best bet for getting one of these in your region, as they are the importer of ESP instruments for Canada.  Hope this helps!


Or, you can try an on-line dealer that ships to Canada. I know American Musical Supply carries ESP guitars and ships to Canada. 

Musiciansfriend and Sweetwater can be found on-line as well.


I just bought this guitar and the fretboard has a light brown streak under the high e from the 1st fret to the 4th. It also has a light brown spot in the middle of the 4th fret. Is this normal? Every E-II I have ever had has had a very uniformly black polished fretboard. I'm not loving the light brown spots.

Carl N.

Hey Pitdog, not all pieces of wood are the same and with ebony it is natural for this to have some lighter patterns within the grain.  Nothing really to cause concern but if you're obsessive about them all being the same maybe speak with the dealer you bought this from.

Tomaso  C.


I purchased this guitar two months ago now, is there a way to polish the white satin finish without making it glossy? Is there any specific product?How fast is it going to yellow up playing it EVERY day? Thank you for the amazing guitar! 


Carl N.

Hey Tomaso, not sure you do want to polish the guitar as that would make it glossy.    If you're just trying to clean it then a micro cloth works great but you have to keep in mind the pressure you are using while cleaning as the finish can become shiny after using too much pressure.  As for yellowing, this is more of a concern for nitrocellulose finished instruments but those finished with polyurethane, like ours, don't experience this as harshly.  You'll want to keep it from sitting in direct sunlight for extended periods of time and you'll want to make sure you're not sweating all over it.  Hope this helps, enjoy your new E-II!