$1,899.00 with case

Formerly called “ESP Standard”, all ESP E-II instruments are created at our ESP factory in Tokyo, Japan, and are designed for professional players who accept no compromises in tone, feel, or reliability for their guitars and basses. Of the thousands and thousands of Eclipse guitars ESP has created, few are as outstanding — or eye-grabbing — as the ESP E-II Eclipse DB in Red Sparkle finish. It starts with set-neck construction of its maple-capped mahogany body and thin U-shaped mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. It continues with extra-thick white binding on the body, neck and headstock. Next, add high-end components like a bone nut, Schaller straplock, Gotoh locking tuners, and a Gotoh TOM bridge and tailpiece. Then get the sound you want from a set of EMG 66 (neck) and EMG 57 (bridge) active pickups. Ready for serious professional use on stage or in the studio, the E-II Eclipse-DB includes an ESP hardshell form-fitting case.

Mahogany w/ Maple Cap
Fingerboard Radius
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
22 XJ
Hardware Color
Black Nickel
Strap Button
Schaller Straplock
Gotoh Locking
Gotoh TOM & Tailpiece
Neck PU
EMG 66
Bridge PU
EMG 57
Electronics Layout
Vol/Vol/Tone/Toggle Switch
Elixir Nanoweb Light (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.

Like I wrote in my comment like 11 days ago love the guitar!!! Plays and sounds spectacular. I don't care about the full thickness everyone seems to complain about. I like the skinnier body, but yet it still feels heavy and like it's built like a tank. Awesome guitar. Only suggestions I'd pass along are please put Esp standard back on the guitars not E-II. If I'm paying almost 2 grand I want my instrument to say ESP. I think we should all be able to have that as the name on the headstock n fit in with the big boys like the highly expensive Kirk or James models or the Us custom shop. Put ESP standard or ESP with a small E-II next to it. I love Esp and my LTD but if I'm spending that much please put ESP on the headstock. People will ask whats an E-II then I have to explain. I like it at the 12th fret but it needs to be back on the headstock. I've owned the real ESP Kh2 and these E-IIs deserve to have the ESP name shown. They are essentially the same as the other high end models with pickups, hardware, radius, etc. Which the $1,500 to $3,000 price difference for a Us custom or like my LTD Kh purple sparkle,  the price difference does not equate. $1,200 for LTD purple sparkle kh and then $4,500 for Esp version? C'mon. Scalloped frets, his signature on pickups, Schaller strap locks n other things do not equate to a 3 grand difference. I understand custom and mass produced, but jeez. My dream guitar is a Kh Ouija but the company screwed everybody on those. $10,000 to $12,000? Black, White, Natural.  No way. Ouija graphics don't make a 5 grand difference from his regular Kh2. N the LTD one is fine but nah on the Ouija graphics, messed them up.  At least make the pickups look right on the natural, put the letters across the pickups on covers. Not everyone is making 6 figures or more.  It's just for some rich idiot to put in a display n never play. Not fair to us who actually rock the hell outta these guitars. Kirk was once a dude that couldn't afford high end stuff, I hope he didn't give the go ahead on those prices. N if you make any future Ouijas stop the limited stuff so they can be cheaper and make it a full line like the white zombie which is his worst graphic one. Shoulda been Dracula or at least the bride of Frankenstein one. Other suggestion is please change the flags inlays to a style more appealing. The USA inlays are excellent or make an option to have them abalone or match the finish. Something different. I love ESP but sometimes the outlandish prices of your heroes guitars just shouldn't be that much especially since they are not that much different in specs, hardware, feel, etc. 

So Esp standard on headstock, better flag inlays, and please no more guitars in the 10 grand range for a Kirk or james guitars. Let's not go the Gibson or Prs, way too much money for something that shouldn't be. Hope you guys do his red sparkle Ouija. Ltd at $1,500 yr round model and cover the pickups with the lettering please. For the actual ESP if you did a Ouija again keep it at a standard production custom cost. $3,000 to $4,500. 12 grand? No freaking way. Collectors love you that they can turn it around and sell it for more. Not right. 

Anyway sorry for long post. First guitar was a cheap Ltd and I've been working up to Ltds, now finally an E-II. So next would be Us custom or used Ouija online since you guys will never keep them as a standard production model, which is insane bcuz besides his mummy and regular black it's the most well known Kirk guitar, but you have the white zombie and purple sparkle as standard production?. I'm sure Kirk would ok a standard production Ltd Ouija. Help us Metallica nerds out. I've owned other guitars and liked them but Esp/Ltd will always be the best in my opinion. Keep kicking butt. No hate or ill will just disappointed that I'll probably never have an Esp Kh Ouija and it's gonna take along time to be able to get a Us custom. The E-IIs are perfect price. All these companies are so outlandish on price with "custom shop" stuff. Gib, Prs private stock, etc. Just put more options on the 2 grand guitars. And if you're going to keep the Us custom shop prices crazy high, I prices one out, came to be almost 4 grand. Do payment installments. That's how I got the E-II and Ltd purple. 24 months no interest on an E-II. Freaking awesome. So do that with custom shop so we can get these things. 


Todd B. ESP

Hi Plozcfh, Thanks for all your comments, suggestions, rants, feedback and everything! It's easy to see how passionate you are about your instruments and your music and we love to hear that. The best kind of feedback is this kind of honest feedback. I can't get in depth answers for you here but I just wanted to thank you for your honesty and sharing your thoughts with us. We take all our customers' feedback seriously and it helps us when we develop new products or when it comes time to tweak our product line.


Just got this red Eclipse a few days ago. Absolutely outstanding! From the look of the red sparkle, the impressive hardware, the amazing ebony fretboard and thin neck, and the best emgs that are equally as good as the Het Set. Job well done Esp. It also goes well with my purple sparkle Ltd Kh602. Rock on

Todd B. ESP

Hi Plozcfh, Wow, that's great to hear how much you like your new instrument. Thanks for posting this review here and more importantly thank you for choosing ESP! We are happy to have customers like you!

Michael L.

Todd...did get the guitar and the specs say Thin U for the neck......ALL I play is ESP and the neck is NOT as thin as ANY of my other there a reason friend played my 2011 Standard Series M-I and he said the neck on the E-II was wider.....guess I gotta buy the LTD models and do upgrades myself.....I PLAY ESP because I LOVE THE thin necks.....and ALSO the Black Metal LTD's are SO KILLER......

Todd B. ESP

Hi Michael, Thanks for letting us know about this. I will pass your comments to our factory. The only thing I think is a possibility here is that sparkle finishes require very thick paint compared to a regular type of paint job. To fill the gaps between the sparkle flakes, the top coat has to be built up and sanded flat. This may add a noticeable amount of paint, even though the internal neck specs (the wood) are the same as our standard Thin U.

Michael L.

I would like to order this guitar from my dealer.....are they available yet Todd??????

Todd B. ESP

Hi Michael, Yes these should be available but we cannot say which dealer has available stock. The best thing to do is reach out to the dealer of your choice and find out if they have in stock or how long it will take to get from ESP. There are times throughout the year where we may be back ordered on this model and some others so it has taken a little longer than we would like to get them into your hands. But we have been delivering all orders in the order they were received. Hope this helps.

Gerald E.

Please make this red sparkle and purple sparkle in full thickness and ultra access neck joint instead of the old school block

Todd B. ESP

Hi Gerald, thanks for your suggestions.

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