Please make this or something like this in Wild Berry Fade. I am in love with that finish but I can't afford a custom shop :(

Todd B. ESP

Hey A1,  Thanks for your suggestion. Yes that is a cool color for sure!

Brian Carroll

I just got this guitar about a week ago and couldn't be any happier. I'm glad esp is branching out with the pickups they use. I'd like to see some more bare knuckle pickups used in these guitars in the future. 

Todd B. ESP

Hey Brian, Thanks for your comments. We'll keep this in mind for future builds. Enjoy your new guitar!

Joe  K.

This will be my nxt guitar!!! Only criticism is lack of colour options .

Todd B. ESP

Hi Joe, Thanks for your comments. Hope you get your hands on one of these!

Tasos G.

Would be amazing if there will be in the near future a Cranberry Burst version of this with EMG 57/66 mapple or ebony!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Tasos, thanks for your suggestions. Sounds pretty cool.

Borroel M.

Fingerboard ebonyyy!!!!!!  ebonyyyyy!!!!!!