oh man, is the back of the neck actually glossy finish? When i saw the maple fingerboard i got my hopes up that the  entire neck would be satin...but the pics look like gloss


Carl N.

The neck will be gloss like the rest of the instrument

Joey T.

This is a beautiful guitar. Wish it was a 7 string though lol. I'd buy it tomorrow.

Carl N.

thanks for the suggestion

Jernej P.

Can this handle drop C with stock nut? I mean like 11-52 strings? Or would it need fileing? I cant find a clear answer on that. Deciding on that or on the floyd version.

Carl N.

Anytime you change string gauges, whether going up or down in size, you will need to modify the nut and have the instrument set up properly for that tuning/gauge.

Holden A.

will you guys ever make this in a 7 string model

Carl N.

Hey Holden, we have two seven string M-Series instruments at the moment, unfortunately not in this color though.

JAck R.

why dont you sell bare knuckles on any of the 1000 series ltd guitars I would love to have that option