terry t.

I would buy this if the 12 fret logo was not there. I talked to a ESP guy from the company and he said sometimes the logo does not show up on the production guitar . He also said it is a controversial decision - meaning some people like it and some dont. ESP guitars are so beautiful. I love the guitar though. Awesome

Todd B. ESP

Hi Terry,

Thanks for your comments. We appreciate your feedback on this subject. Yes it's one of those things....some people like it, some people don't. If you notice on many of our other products, the 12th fret model name block has been removed (or is in the process), however the E-II Line still has many models which have the "ESP" block at the 12th fret.

Leonardo  T.

We need more colors like this across all of the Ltd guitars. The 6 strings 7 strings and 8 strings all of them need more stuff like this 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Leonardo,

Thanks for your suggestion. We will be adding more colors for next year so hope you can see some more options next year.

Larry H.

So, who’s got their order in? 

Damian A.

I will get double fisted by a silver back if it means I can I play this. 

Cogan C.

Ouch, that's dedication right there!


So nice, that color is amazingly cool!