Frank Thoms

I am still in the Studio with this guitar. The Horizon FR-7 works very well and the Sound is amazing. :-)

Carl N.

Thanks for sharing Frank!

Daniel C.

Do y’all know if this guitar will still be available in 2020?

Carl N.

Hey Daniel, it's 2020 and we are still producing this model 


had this guitar for lil over a 2 months. Let me just say. This guitar performs very well.  Its fast, has killer sound and stays in tune. Plus, it looks killer on stage.  This guitar kicks ass. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Rahtchee, Thanks for sharing that. Looks great!

Dave Sevenstrings

Had this guitar for about 8 months now, Plays killer but now seems to be a dead spot developing at the 5th fret. Gonna have to bring in to pro to see if the frets are lifting or whats causing the issue. Shouldn't really be having that happen with something so new. (My other ESP guitars in the same room still play flawlessly)

All in all still a fantastic guitar and was worth the 2 month wait to receive it. Those who plan to use this strictly for metal may want to swap the stock pickup to an EMG81 or equivalent. The stock one is more suited to all around play, and sounds great if you plan to do clean guitar parts. Any body who is on the fence about this guitar should go for it. You will love it.

Todd B. ESP

Hey Dave,  Thanks for sharing your comments here and thank you for giving this guitar a good review. Hope you are able to figure out the dead spots. Could be related to a few things, so that's a good idea to take it to a pro builder or repair person to have it evaluated. I've seen things like this develop from changes in the neck bow, fret wear, string wear. Great to hear your suggestion on the pickups. The classic EMG 81 is always great for pure metal tones while the newer 57/66 sets will appeal to both metal / rock and clean tones.

Christopher  A.

I am so in love with the finish that I've almost ordered this guitar twice. I'm just not a fan of Floyd Rose Bridges. Any chance of this finish ending up on an e2 Eclipse model? Hell, I'd even take an e2 horizon in this finish and without the Floyd. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Christopher, Thanks for letting us know what you're looking for. It's certainly possible that we may offer a different model in this color but not currently. However we take all our customer feedback and use it so thanks again for your suggestions.