Patrick  P.

I purchased this guitar 6 months ago and it is awesome. The specs say the string gauges are 9,11,16,24,32,42 and 56. This kit doesn’t exist from Elixir. The strings that came on the guitar are 9,11,16,26,36,46 and 56. This kit doesn’t exist either. I put the .009-.052 on it without knowing this and the trem is way leaned back. That’s when I measured the strings that came on it. Could there have been a manufacturing error? This in an open box from Sam Ash but they claim it was never even played let alone the strings gauge altered. But who knows?

Carl N.

This should come equipped with the strings listed in our specifications though it is possible these could have been changed before it reached you.  If you need any further assistance you can reach our customer service team at 

Miguel G.

I’m curious as why this is more expensive than the neck thru E-II version. I always thought neck thru were always more costly to make? And also looking at LTD models neck thru’s usually cost more than the set thru

Carl N.

The quilted maple elevates the cost of this model, I believe the other one you are referencing is solid black, with no figured top. 

Sigrist C.

Insta buy if it was in 6 strings :( it s so difficult to find beautifull blue on guitar

Pedro R.

I would like to see this with 6 strings.

Carl N.

thanks for the insight 

Michael B.

Hey Tony i also ordered mine threw zzounds, it took  2 1/2 months to receive mine. Just hang in there, and bug them every once in a while, and you'll have it before you know it. It's will worth the wait. I can't put mine down it's absolutely stunning ....