joseph w.

Does this baritone come set up from the factory in the tunning that Stephen uses for his 7 strings on the self-titled and Saturday Night Wrist records?: G# C# F# B E G# C# or does the guitar come set up from the factory in B E A D G B E ? 


Carl N.

We do not setup our instruments based on tunings for particular albums, this will come in standard tuning. You can view our string gauges and tunings on our FAQ section

Mike L.

I just ordered SCT607-B from LTD, in description specs,  neck radius is 350mm and for ESP version is 305. Is this correct or typo?.   I’m also curious if there is any difference in the electronics or type of pots/components since the pups appear to be the same?   Thanks, can’t wait to play it

Carl N.

Most ESP instruments will feature a 305mm radius whereas LTD models, even of the same variety, will have a 350mm radius.  The functions of the electronics will be the same between both models.

Drew O.

Is it possible to get an 8-string of this guitar?

Carl N.

Through the custom shop yes but not as a normal production model.

Adam Q.

Looking into buying a used SCT-607B. Any advice on serial numbers, or what to look for to verify authenticity?

Carl N.

Hey Adam, if you need a hand identifying an instrument our customer service team can help with that, though they can't concretely verify an instrument without seeing it firsthand.  They can be reached at

Stanislav K.

What is the best tuning for this guitar on the "out of the box" strings?

Carl N.

Hey Stanislav, this will be tuned standard from the factory, you can see all of our instrument's tunings and gauges from our FAQ section.