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The EC-1008 EverTune is simply a monster guitar, with eight strings to explore the deepest depths, and an EverTune constant tension bridge that keeps it in perfect tuning and intonation at all points on the neck under nearly every imaginable environment. The EC-1008 EverTune is based on the single-cutaway ESP Eclipse body shape, with excellent comfort and playability for live shows, and features EMG 81-8H/60-8H pickup set. Available in Black finish.


Construction Set-Thru
Scale 26.5" Baritone
Body Mahogany
Neck 3Pc Mahogany
Fingerboard Macassar Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 350mm
Finish BLACK
Nut Width 54mm
Nut Type Molded
Neck Contour Thin U
Frets/Type 24 XJ
Hardware Color Black
Strap Button Standard
Tuners Grover
Bridge Evertune (F model)
Neck PU EMG 60-8H
Bridge PU EMG 81-8H
Electronics Active
Electronics Layout Volume/Volume/Tone/Toggle Switch
Strings D'Addario XL120-8 (.009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042/.054/.065)
Case Included N
Billy Graziadei (Biohazard/Powerflo) on the LTD EC-1000 EverTune

Billy Graziadei (Biohazard/Powerflo) on the LTD EC-1000 EverTune

Billy Graziadei stopped by the ESP offices to talk about his love for the LTD EC-1000 EverTune as well as his discovery of ESP via Vernon Reid of Living Colour, and tells some great stories from the road....
LTD EC-1000/EC-1007 EverTune Demo

LTD EC-1000/EC-1007 EverTune Demo

Cameron Stucky of Redwood City, CA-based metal band Crepuscle shreds it up, and then talks in detail about the advantages he finds in using our guitars that are equipped with the EverTune constant tension bridge system,...
Jesse L.

I just spoke with an evertune representative and he confirmed with me that the new bridges made post 2019 were made to hold up to a .08 the 8th string. Can you confirm that these 2020 models are made with the current evertune system? I very much want one of these but I need to be absolutely certain that atleast a .08 will work 

Carl N.

Probably wouldn't be able to provide a blanket confirmation for all models. Our factories go through parts on hand until they are used up so it would be difficult to determine at which point they ran out of the previous evertune and started using these new ones you mentioned.

Jesse L.

What is the max stir gauge this years new models can hold? I’m thinking I might want to get a new new one. 

Carl N.

Thickest we use on eight string models will be a .074

Jesse L.

Is that the thickest the Evertune can support? I have read from some that they can take up to .08. I think you guys REALLY need to consider revamping this guitar. I had an older one of these and I have to say its the first time I have felt let down by ESP because when tuning down to low E on an 8 string a .074 just simply does not cut it. I was hoping the new models allowed for a thicker 8th string. 

Jesse L.

I just got one of these today. This was my 8th ESP 8 string. I have the green EC-1000 in High school and TBH its the only guitar I have ever missed, but I just really don't do 6 or 7 string anymore. This guitar is beautiful and allowed me to have my nostalgia and 8 strings too!! I really do wish you guys would talk to evertune about being able to put some bigger string gauges to. Also the pickups could have been better. Would LOVE to see one of these with some Fishman Classic 8s!! Otherwise the finish is perfect. The Body is amazing. The neck is smooth and sexy. People should stop complaining about the weight. Its not that heavy. Great job modernizing a classic guys!! I can't wait for my next ESP guitar!!! Only way this is leaving my collection is out of my cold dead hands. 

Carl N.

String gauge preference is very subjective and we use a common 9-65 gauge set from the factory as it is a good basis for most players.  Thicker gauges could always be used but would require setting up the instrument with those gauges.


Really wish there was a left handed version of this out there to buy. 

Carl N.

Hey Port,  I know it's tough, you'll want to check out these two dealers of ours.  They specialize in left handed instruments.

travis r.

So the bridge hole for the top string will not fit anything bigger than a 65 gauge. I tune in drop E, so I’m going to need a bigger gauge. Advice?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Travis, I would try the 65 gauge first and see how it feels. IF it doesn't work for you, next step would be to contact Evertune and ask for their recommendation. They do make high tension saddle modules for different gauges of strings which may be necessary for larger strings. However currently I do not know if they offer a larger hole option but I will find out soon.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Travis, please contact Cosmos at Evertune if you need any help. He told me their saddles should fit up to a .074 gauge and more recently then upped the size to .085.

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