Jakiro T.

This model was discontinue?

Carl N.

this is a current model

Jarod T.

Love everything about this except the Floyd. Will there be any hardtail LTD Arrow or NV releases?

Carl N.

We release all of our new models for the year at the winter NAMM show, be sure to stick around to see what will be new for 2021

Devon P.

Love the shape of this guitar, but I’ve always been a fan of Kirk’s skull inlays on his guitars... would there be any way to get those inlays on something like this?

Carl N.

LTD instruments are not open to custom requests, if you were looking to get an Arrow model with alternate inlays this would have to be built by the ESP custom shop.

collin r.

Can i use trembuckers on this 

Carl N.

Yes, you can!

Eli E.

What happened to the regular v series guitars?

Carl N.

Hey Eli, unfortunately these have been discontinued.  Perhaps a return someday but nothing planned at the moment.