Paul  F.

Whats the model in the video? It has white binding on the body but neither of the two models shown have it, only on the neck and headstock

Carl N.

Not sure what you mean, all the guitars in this demo video show instruments without binding on the body.

Lachlan C.


Do you guys have any plans to make a left hand version of this. I struggle to find guitars, as I’m left handed. Absolutely in love with this guitar. Hope a left hand version is made sometime in the future.


Carl N.

Sorry, nothing currently in the works for a left handed version of this instrument

Cory H.

I second this request. Lefty 7s can be a nightmare to find and I'd love to have the opportunity to play one of these. 

Eric B.

Good afternoon from Michigan!  Can anyone tell me where this is made?  Thank you for any information you can pass along.  Cheers!!!  Eric

Carl N.

These are currently produced in Korea, hope this helps!

Michael G.

I have this and love it!  Any idea how big of a 7th string (B string) the tuner will handle?  I have a 0.60 in it now.

Carl N.

Biggest we use is a .74, would need to be modified to accept any larger

Michael G.

Thanks Carl!  I appreciate the quick reply.

Jeff S.

The toggle switch on mine just broke.. ugh!  Is this just a standard 3-way toggle or is there something more to it because of the pickups and push/pull?  I haven't opened it up to look at it, but am going to need to either get it serviced or buy a new switch and replace it myself.. depends on how extensive the work is.  

Todd B. ESP

Hey Jeff, Sorry to hear that but it does happen from time to time. This is a standard 3 way toggle switch, however there are some different configurations out there. You just need the basic one that is relatively small and relatively simple to install if you have the ability to solder. Please contact our customer service team at if you need further help.