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The "RB" in this bass series stands for "Rocco's Bass", referring to none other than the man who co-designed this instrument and inspired thousands of players with his innovations in fingerstyle funk: Rocco Prestia of the immortal Bay Area funk/R&B masters Tower of Power. The LTD RB-1004SM has been updated for 2017, and is about as serious of a professional-quality bass as you can imagine. It starts with some traditional design cues, like its bolt-on construction at 34" scale. But from there, the RB-1004SM goes straight uptown with a dense swamp ash body, a figured spalted maple top in Natural Satin finish, a C-shaped five-piece maple and walnut neck, and an ebony fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets. If you want great-sounding, flexible tone, the RB-1004SM gives it to you in droves with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P4 and J4 pickups, with simple volume, balance, and tone controls. The RB-1004SM also includes high-quality Grover tuners, and a Gotoh bridge with string-thru-body design for fantastic sustain. Also available in a 5-string version with the RB-1005SM.

Construction Bolt-On
Scale 34"
Body Swamp Ash
Neck 5Pc Maple/Walnut
Fingerboard Macassar Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 450mm
Nut Width 40mm
Nut Type Molded
Neck Contour C
Frets/Type 22 J
Hardware Color Black
Strap Button Standard
Tuners Grover
Bridge Gotoh 404BO-4 w/ String Thru
Neck PU Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P4
Bridge PU Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound J4
Electronics Passive
Electronics Layout Volume/Balance/Tone
Strings D'Addario XL165 (.045/.065/.085/.105)
Case Included N
Del W.

I have found a Youtube clip for this instrument. But I can't seem to post it on this forum.  Any ideas?

Carl N.

Hey Del, this is just a comments section, you can reach our forum here.

Christopher V.

I wish you guys did more to promote this line.  They are phenomenal instruments.  I have the 1st generation and love it.  I want to try a 2nd generation, but I cannot find one anywhere.  I can’t even find a video online.  I do a lot of online things for other companies.  I’ve thought about just buying one blind and doing my own video but I don’t have the funds at the moment. I’m not trying to say anything bad other than I wish you guys had more of a machine behind what I feel is a great product.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Christopher, Thanks for sharing that with us. It's good to hear feedback like this. When this model first came out a few years back we did more promotions, but I see that we are lacking video content.

Christopher V.

I hope it didn’t come off as disrespectful or anything.  You guys are a great company and I love my first gen. That’s why I really want to try the second gen as well.  I just cant seem to find one anywhere and there don’t seem to be many resources available.  Here’s hoping I see one in a store soon!  

Todd B. ESP

Hey Christopher, Not at all! We appreciate hearing everything you have to say! I'm really glad to hear how much you like this bass. We offer a lot of products and sometimes it's easy to forget a gem like this bass that may get lost in the mix. These basses are so light weight and versatile. I think if you have the 1st gen model it has Aguilar pickups, correct? I think the main difference is the pickups and the fingerboard, but I think everything else was the same if my memory is correct. I think that this model has been out for some time now and many stores are not able to stock our whole product line so models like this are a little harder to find hanging on a store's display wall. You might find it easier either direct from us on our website or from a large online retailer like GC/MF or Sweetwater / AMS, etc.

Christopher V.

Mine does have the Aguilar pickups/preamp, but the new one has some other differences.  The biggest thing is that the new one is passive.  Also the Seymour Duncan pickups are placed slightly different which could have a surprising impact on tone.  The fingerboard is also different.  I don’t really have the funds to buy one at the moment.  I’m hoping I can see one in a store to try out, or find someone that has one so we can do a comparison video.  

Todd B. ESP

Hi Christopher, Yes there are quite a few differences now that you point them all out individually. Thanks for your reply and hope you can check one out some day.

Jim B.

I have always been a pure Fender person. I am also a big fan of Rocco Prestia. I talked to him after a show in KC a couple of years ago and he told me all about this bass. I was finally able to find one on sale at Guitar Center. This is hands down the best instrument that I've had my hands on in some time.  Great tone choices, light weight and incredibly easy to play.  I have a lot of people that just want to look at it up close. Beautiful instrument aside....If you can get this in bass players hands.....I really think they'll buy it.  Good job ESP ( and Rocco )

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jim, thanks so much for your positive review of this model. We're very appreciative to be working with Rocco and he helped us design a really nice bass!

samfer m.



Todd B. ESP

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