Nuno Doellinger


Any thoughts about upgrading this guitar with SD 59/JB set? It will follow up the pickups upgrade?

I am thinking to buy this guitar for that propose.

Thank you in advance

Todd B. ESP

Hi Nuno,

This model has a specific price point and if we upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncan, it would increase the cost quite a bit. We currently only offer SD pickups in 400 series and higher models. Many users will purchase a guitar like the EC-256 then change the pickups to SD or EMG on their own. But it is not something we plan to offer in the 200 series.

Rick W.

I bought this guitar a few months back and I must say I love it more than my prs. Looks great, sounds amazing and plays like a dream

Todd B. ESP

Hi Rick, Thanks for your comments. We're so glad you love your new guitar!

Nathan B.

Would love to see this with a floyd


Yes, but if the Floyd Rose bridge was added, the pricing of the guitar would be more expensive. And there are other Ltd Eclipse/Ec guitars which have Floyd Rose bridges but with a higher price.

hope that helps

Todd B. ESP

Hi Yabbie, Yes you are correct. FR brigge usually ads to the price because it costs more than a standard tune-o-matic bridge.