Carlos Enrique Morales

I have one of these that I purchased at my local dealer in September of 2019 and I absolutely love it. It stays in tune pretty good and it feels great in my hands. The ESP designed LH-150 humbuckers sound really nice and I can split them to boot. This guitar, for me anyways is a great entry level guitar that will grow with you. There is not one single thing I don't like about this guitar, thanks ESP for making such a fine guitar in this price range.

Todd B. ESP

Thank you for your wonderful review Carlos!

Jim Kirik

we need this color on more models

Carl N.

Thanks for the suggestion Jim!

Carlos  C.

This model but with a ec-1000 specs, that would be mind-blowing. 

Carl N.

Hey Carlos, how about this EC-1000?

Muhammad F.

Hey guys I wanna get this model from Davis guitars at singapore. But they dont have it in stock. Can I pre order one or could you send one in so I can buy it? 

Carl N.

Hey Muhammad, you'll have to work with your local distributor in order to get this model in your area, which would be Davis Guitar.  They should have no issue putting this guitar on order for you.



I’m thinking of changing the pickups and tuners to my ex-256 cobalt blue, I still want humbuckers with the coil split, but I want the humbuckers to be pretty versatile, cause I play classic rock, to grunge, to metal.

and my strings keep on getting out of tune, and I would love locking tuners, recommend  any that won’t damage this guitar?




*ec 256

Todd B. ESP

Hi Yabbie, Any Seymour Duncan pickup with 4 conductor wires will allow you to keep the split coil feature. They have a lot of pickups to choose from. I suggest you go on their website or forums to ask around. Think about the way the current pickups sound. Which direction do you want to go from the current sound? Do you want a higher output? Warmer tone? These are some things to consider. Our pickups are about medium output, not considered a hot output. Typically for lots of gain most players prefer a hotter output, however, when you have a pickup that has a really high output , the tone is not so clear. Many excellent players I've met and worked with over the years prefer a lower output pickup which keeps their signal pure or clean from the guitar. Beyond that it's up to the amp and effects to create your distorted sound. Switching to any type of Alnico pickup would give you a "rounder" or "warmer" tone if you're looking to go in that direction. For upgrading to locking tuners, I would suggest either Hipshot or Ratio by Graphtech, but there are also other brands out there that work fine.