Arnaldo C.

Hello ! I'm going to buy this guitar next month, but i'd like to do some upgrades. Including Gotoh tunning machines and bridge. Please, is there a place thet i can find the bridge size specifications ?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Arnaldo, the holes and sizes for mounting are fairly standard for all tuning machines and bridges these days. 10.5mm for the tuning machine holes and about 11mm for the bridge post holes. Just purchase the type of TOM bridge with the large post size in metric and it should fit.


On this particular model, how hard is it to replace the molded nut to say one made of bone or graphite? Thanks!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Crosscheck, it is not recommended that you do this alone. You would need to have an experienced repair person do this install. It is an easy install for an experienced repair person. We recommend that you ask them what their price is because it has to be made by hand so it is not real cheap.

Moises S.

I just got mine and it feels awesome to play, very comfortable, compact, totally a road worthy instrument. However I am considering to get a pickguard on it, but it seems it won't fit due to the knobs position. I was looking foward for an aesthetic similar to Hetfield's Iron Cross and Bowie's Supro. 

Todd B. ESP

Hey Moises, Glad you like your instrument. Thanks for sharing your comments.

Moises S.

Hello, Todd! I was wondering if you know anything about a pickguard for these models since the volume and tone knobs are colocated different to other Les Paul shape guitars. The standard pickguards won't fit properly in an ESP/LTD. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Moises, yes pickguard for this model would have to be custom cut. standard pickguard from Les Paul will not fit.

Olivier L.


it seems model name doesn't appear on the 12th fret anymore? right ?

Or mine is a copy ??

Todd B. ESP

Hi Olivier, Yes we have removed the model name from the 12th fret.

Andrew L.

Do these come with the pick ups covered?

Charles B.

Only the fm of this model has the pickups covered