Andy B

Will this bass come with EMG 35DC and EMG 35J pickups which is what comes in Tom Araya's signature set from EMG or will it come with two EMG 35DCs?

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or 


I've had mine for several years now and love the way it plays. I ended up wiring it for 18 volts and added a preamp with a stacked pot to give me separate cut and boost for the lows and highs though. I can make an instrument sound however I want so it's the 'feel' that really matters, and for me, this has it. It quickly became my primary stick.

My only regret is that I bought it a little too early I because I paid about the same price they are now but there was no case available at the time. I guess I should have waited.

Carl N.

Glad you are enjoying it

Keith P.

I bought and returned 2 of these in 2 weeks the pentagrams on the neck were pointing up each time wtf , where is your attention to detail every pic you have has the star down( as it should be).Whoever inspects your product sucks or you simply false advertise...other than that it sounds and feels great which adds to the disappointment of my returns. In the event you remedy this problem I would gladly purchase another one but until then I am very disappointed with this product...

Carl N.

Hey Keith, sorry you were dissatisfied with your purchase.  Currently the TA-604 is being produced in a manner as you described.  On occasion our specifications will change and it always takes some time before we are able to reshoot our instruments and list them online.  We apologize for the inconvenience, if you need any further assistance our customer service team is always standing by at

Keith P.

Why would change that spec on an Araya bass , it makes no sense the pentagram should point down .It is the centerpiece for this particular instrument.

Carl N.

With all of our models we denote that prices and specifications subject to change as the changing of specifications is a fairly common practice within the music industry.

James Therkelsen

Hi, this bass guitar is advertised with a case on ESP.   I was thinking about buying this bass from Guitar center because they have % for 48 months. I do not see that the case comes with the guitar on the Guitar center site. Does this bass comes with a case?  

Carl N.

Hey James, this does come with a case but for one reason or another some retailers remove the included accessories.  

Fred V.

Dude whatever you do do not buy from guitar Center fire gear from highly reputable dealer not a third class citizen

Diederik S.

Hi there! I was wondering, has this model been revised or changed in any way in recent years (2018-onwards)? European retailers have all bumped up the price by roughly €500,- on this model and the 204. 

Carl N.

Hey Diederik, no changes really, wouldn't be able to comment on the elevated price as this is outside of our region.  Perhaps reach out to your local ESP distributor if this is a concern for you.