Mariano M.

Is this the right one for an MH-1007 evertune? I got a CMHXLFF but it’s too narrow on the body. Thanks!

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at [email protected] or 


Hey, what material are these made of?

Carl N.

The shells of the cases are wooden covered in tolex

Gordon M.

Will this fit a KH-602?  I’m assuming an MH is the same....

John J.

Yes, the Kirk Hammet models are all based off the Mirage series, or 'M' series in Ltd-speak.  So yes, perfect fit.

Carl N.

Yes, the MH case will fit standard Kirk model instruments

J L.

Will the E-II M-I from years ago (has ESP on the headstock) fit in this?

Carl N.

yes, an ESP M-I will fit in this case


Is this the correct case for the M-1007 multiscale?

Carl N.

We list the MH XL GUITAR FORM FIT CASE as the proper case for this instrument