Explaining Runescape to new players be like


While I played on my ps4 recently I had been afking at nmz on my laptop, my girlfriend saw me remarked that osrs did not look very fun. I didn't understand how to describe that I was"not playing" RuneScape game so I could play it better later on with OSRS Money. Making me realize where the fun is trying to figure out how to play as little as possible how many games I play. I think that the objective of efficacy is a rewarding and pretty natural thing for the human mind. Makes us feel like we got more stuff done.I once went into bed and tought hell yes I was productive today, Only to realise I played runescape instead of performing schoolwork.OSRS destroyed my ability to perform schoolwork since schoolwork can not be carried out efficiently.

Runescape is like an escalator and on top there's nothing and everyone knows it so we pretend to like up the ride. I believe you just play too much. Playing OSRS 1-2h per day max makes the trip enjoyable. Yeah these people today play like 6 hoursper day a day. Consider limiting yourself to 10hrs a week or two something.when I improve my relationship with family members and friends or progress my career prospects nobody sets off fucking fireworks and state gz so yeah no thank you. I used to play that it is different, I used to do it while studying or identification have a lazy day, turn and multitask playing/watching.

Except questing, I never really have done anything than slayer for tho. I'll play two accounts, with a single afking and one doing something; whilst enjoying animal crossing or something or I will do mlm. I've never sat and played only one account for six hours a day, it while multitasking. That is funny, I haven't played in a long ass time and is because I do not have the time to no real life RuneScape match. Lol. To me it feels like it would feel pointless to be able to place 1-2 hours to RuneScape game, since it'd take me such a ridiculously long time to reach my goals.

Not arguing with you, simply find it interesting to see the opposite standpoint once I was only thinking about the other day. Maybe I'll try to get back into it after all. I really don't get the purpose of placing fellow players down just because they may have some more spare time than you can. It's a game If a dudes idea of pleasure is to progress his accounts be it. As long as it is not effecting relationships and your irl commitments what's the difference from taking a nap during that time or watching TV?

Right now in this lockdown stuff. There is just nothing to do. I simply get on and play with untill I feel I've played buy RS 3 gold. It's just a diversion I have fun with, and also the number of hours RuneScape sport can eat up only means Ill never really run out of fun. I will not lie I have had days but I had weeks where a game didn't even touch. It's kinda just how life goes. You have commitments at different points in your own life, and a huge portion of RuneScape is time dedication.