Shining -return of the enemy -European tour


For my last tour, this time with Swedish band Shining, I used a spanking new LTD1000ET. The wide stretches and hard aggressive music were definitely well played on this rocksolid guitar. No tuning issues ever and the beast delivered every single night. I could not be more proud to be supported by ESP and the amazing instruments. I play ex-400 all the way up to my ESP Horizon and every instrument has it’s own voice, but ALL are top notch, roadworthy instruments. 


caia d.

When are you planning to conduct your live music concert? All your fans are eagerly waiting for this show. Provide the details as soon as possible so that all can be free on the day of your concert and enjoy it. TechSariga

andera h.

Swedish is a talented music band. I hear their music in my free time and shining is one of my favorite. It includes personal and self-murder themed lyrics and music are very attractive. hostsailor  Your website gives a clear image of their outstanding performance.

samsun R.

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