New 256


Seems to be a very nice guitar but I can't find where to register this thing for warranty.  I like everything about the guitar except a bit of a buzz I hear when playing the high E string which fortunately doesn't come through the amp at all.  I was relieved it didn't show up as artificially aged as I had come to fear after ordering the guitar.

elmarcos i.

Great posr

elmarcos i.


Ewan L.

I like this model a lot and it seems to be a good one for me. I like to buy one and will be helpful if you could share about the details and other specifications of this guitar model. helpful resources

andera h.

Many people are interested in musical instuments and some people take it passion and career. hostsailorYour post is helpful for all guitarists but you are doesn't provide the information about the warranty. Can you please share the warranty details of this guitar? 


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