Gibson ES-335 Dot Re-Issue

Gibson SG Supreme

Gibson '67 SG Special Re-Issue (w/P-90s)

Gibson Les Paul Classic (496R/500T pickups)

Gibson Les Paul Faded Special

Ltd B-4E bass

Aria Pro II P bass (w/Alembic pickups and Badass bridge)

Aaron P.

esp kh2, ltd hanneman tribute,ltd hanneman jh 600,ltd ec 401vf tobacco sunburst, bc rich warlock from around 1991 I think. The JH 600 was the first guitar I bought in long time.20+ years Ioved it so much I wanted another but I didnt want two of the exact same,so when the tribute in Urban Camo came out I jumped on it. The KH-2 is  best though because it was hand crafted at Kiso factory, and you can tell the difference.

Aaron M.


DBZ Venom

LTD V250




Schecter SLS C-7

PRS Singlecut (US version)

Jackson SL2H

Jackson SLS3

Jackson KEXTMG

Jackson JS3V

Schecter C-1 Stealth

Fender MIM Strat

Patrick Ombrog

ibanez GRG270blk