SnakeByte 16

Now here is the meat and potatoes of the situation I find myself in! Look at that serial number!! It doesn't begin with a K, and therefore is worth $2,000 less than a ESP SnakeByte that has a serial number that begins with an K. Basically this guitar has very little to none resale value. No one is going to buy this guitar with this serial number. How is it that ESP could let this happen! I paid $4499 for this crap! ESP needs to trade me to a new SnakeByte with a K serial number! I was not told about this when I purchased from an AUTHORIZED ESP/LTD DEALER, whos name, address, phone num I got from the ESP website!! I have a guitar here that is worth less than it's LTD brother! I'm pissed! ESP fucked me! I'm going to post as many Gibson Guitar pics on this freaking website as is humanly possible! Les Pauls Flying V's , Explorers, here we come! DON'T LET THESE FUCKERS GET AWAY THIS! BUY GIBSON GUITARS, OR EVEN FENDER GUITARS, AND BOYCOTT ANY BANDS THAT USE ESP/LTD! YES, THAT INCLUDES METALLICA! THEY ARE GREAT, BUT THEY ARE NOT ABOVE ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN TO FANS WHO TRUSTED THEIR JUDGEMENT!

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