About Jam Time!

Like always....More To Come!

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  • danb12376

    So crushed looking at this. On June 11th. 2016 at about 5:00 p.m. A driver drunk and on drugs drove through my house. He went through one basement wall and was going so fast he went through the other wall.

    This corner of the basement was where all this gear was. Everything is lost and right now my house is currently condemned. I was upstaris when this happened and just got done jamming about an hour before it happened. They think the driver was going around 85mph when he hit my house. I can't tell you how crushed I am. So tough to look at this right now. 

  • Zealmet

    Wow, in bottom right corner I can see the piece of the guitar processor, I have the same ax10g )))

    • Zealmet

      Ah, I've got it, thanks for the explanation)

    • danb12376

      Ah no worries. It's my english that's bad. I just meant it's my friends bass pedal.

    • Zealmet


      Ofcourse, I just forgot that it has reds sidewalls in bass modification, my guitar processor has its blue. I'm happy to meet you too)
      Excelent! It would be interesting, more so we try to create the simplest rehearsal base for our band... But even simplest it's quite hardly to do))


      P.S.: Oh, I apologize for my bad English, but what's the "budz"?

    • danb12376

      Wow good eye sir good eye!

      It's actually the ax10b. It's my budz. He uses it when playing bass. Awesome to meet people who know and love guitars and equipment as much as I do!

      I will try and get some more pics of my ladies and equipment soon.