So far, 2020 hasn’t turned out exactly as we were hoping. For example, we didn’t predict that most of the planet would be socially isolated, with many of us stuck in our homes to fight the spread of a pandemic. But as long as we’re here, we might as well make good use of the time with the ESP Lockdown Rockdown! Alex Skolnick of Testament has provided us with a background track — a section from "Code of Hammurabi” off the new Testament album Titans of Creation — which we’ve made available below. Download the track, do your very best shredding over it, and upload your entry. A panel of judges from ESP and Alex himself will review the entries, and some talented people are going to win big prizes.


1. Download the backing track here (WAV file, 18MB). DOWNLOAD AUDIO TRACK

2. Record your solo track, playing along with Alex’s backing track. NOTE: We can accept both audio and video files at the “Submit" button below.

3. Make sure to name your file as follows: “YOURNAME_LOCKDOWN”. NOTE: We will only accept files under 20MB.

4. If you are already registered as an ESP All Access member, log in, enter your email address, upload your file and submit your entry below. We will contact you at this address if you win. Only one entry per person allowed.

5. If you are not registered, enter your email address, upload your file and complete the signup form below to enter and register as an ESP All Access member... it's free.

Good luck to all you locked-down rockers from Alex Skolnick and ESP!


  • The best way to create your entry is to download the backing track to your computer, create a new file in your DAW software, import the backing track, and play over it on a separate track. Then, bounce both the backing track and your solo down to an MP3 or similar audio file.
  • If you don’t have access to recording software, we’ll be glad to get your submissions other ways, such as filmed on your phone with you playing along with the backing track.
  • We are not looking for any specific style of playing. Be yourself. Our judges will base their decisions on multiple merits including the technical aptitude, note selection, and feel of your solo.
  • The song is in C#... everything else is up to you.
  • Note that only one entry will be accepted per person. Multiple entries will result in immediate disqualification. Make sure to upload your entry by May 31, 2020!