EC-407-BLKS, ESP USA Eclipse, and ESP custom shop signature model
buying guitars, writing music with my daughter Ali, and ebay
That Metal Show and NFL Football
Tombstone, Braveheart, The Matrix, and The Replacements
Heavy Metal, Classic rock, Country, Classical, JazzFusion, and most all music
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
digitech gsp1101, shure wireless, Rattlesnake cables, Jim Dunlop Ultex sharp custom picks, and Daddario strings(for 31 years)
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Oz Fox, George Lynch, Neil Zaza, Tommy Emmanual, Al Dimeola, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Joe Walsh, and Lindsey Buckingham
About me:

It all begins in 1975 when i got KISS Alive! I thought to myself. I wanna do that!" So i began the quest for guitar.At age 12 i got my first Les Paul copy.(I had to have a Les Paul because Ace did)From there its been guitars and rock and roll. Lets start a band! Through high school and the military i have always been in bands.The 70's and 80's music are what influenced me.From Fleetwood Mac,The Eagles,Hall and Oats to Kiss,Stryper,Poison,Ratt,Iron Maiden,Judas Priest,Dokken,Queensryche,Ozzy and Dio. The list is much longer,but you get the idea. Anything that has killer guitar i love. Playing Gibson Les Pauls for most of the time,i just never thought there was a guitar that played or sounded better than a Gibson Les Paul..and believe me i have tried them all.I have bought and sold more guitars just because they did not play as good.2014 was my first trip to NAMM. (and of course we have to check out every guitar)So when we get to ESP i was amazed at the quality,playability,and how they look. Then i saw they had a Les Paul style called the Eclipse! From there i was hooked.I bought my first ESP Eclipse off ebay. Man was i impressed how it plays and sounds through my rig.Now i own alot of ESP guitars.I plan on haveing  a very long relationship with ESP and maybe one day i will have my own signature ESP Eclipse.(That is on my bucket list).Our band,"For The Broken" tours alot in the midwest and on every stage we are on,there are always ESP"S.Once you get one,theres no going back


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