LTD EC256, LTD EC200, and LTD ST213
Blues, Pop, Rock, Funk, and Hard Rock
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Orange Amps, TC Electronic, Xotic, Fulltone, Cleartone Strings, G7th Capos, and George L's Cables
About me:

Jarod Woznik is a distinguished American Guitarist, Co-Writer, Producer and Manager based in Los Angeles, CA.  He has had the fortune of being groomed and directed from The Steve Miller Band (Multi-Instrumentalist) - Kenny Lee Lewis, and has got to meet and work with several legendary artists including members from Buckcherry, The Wallflowers, Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Cornell, Fuel, Melissa Etheridge, and many more.

Throughout it all, Jarod has remained an enigmatic original.  A guitarist without the compulsion for fret board pyrotechnics, Jarod's distinctive tone, skill, and his let the music do the talking style has launched his career in the music scene.

Currently he has his own Indie-Pop project called THE VENNS, writing and producing music. He is also a touring member for Israeli Rock artist SIMA as well as Los Angeles based Rock Symphony/Progressive Rock project, CARDIAC.  

He previously was a songwriting member of pop/rock band, AUGUST RISING and also lead guitarist touring member for VH1 reality star Daisy Delahoya (Rock of Love, Daisy of Love) in her Alternative act, BLACK STAR ELECTRA.

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