Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

Bit quiet here.

Mike D.

Best Demolition Hammer CD- Epidemic of Violence

Mike D.

Best Morbid Angel CD - Blessed are the Sick!!! best Obituary - Cause of Death, Best Death - Spirtual Healing


Mac S.

I like Morbid Angel-Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, Death-Sounds of Perserverance, Obituary Cause of Death.  Adding: Cannibal Corpse Just Cannibal Coprse!, Deicide- When Satan Lives (Live in Chicago Album) 

Aaron M.

Best Morbid Angel album?????????????? Gateways!

Stevie Strings

Just saw Carcass and Exhumed on this past Monday Nov. 10th 2014 at the Crowfoot ballroom in Pnitiac Mi. Excellent!


Thats awesome, so you saw them on thr Inked in Steel tour, I'll be watching Death To All with Massacre in March