E-II vs Original?


Is the quality really that much different? I know originals are handmade or whatever but is there really a huge difference between them other than price? I'd love to have an original series but I cant really justify $4000 for a guitar if the biggest difference is one says "ESP" on it as much as I'd rather have that on there..

Jason M.

I bought an E II Horizon 3 a couple years ago after reading great reviews about it, and was very satisfied. Ended up selling it, then got to a point where I wanted something LP style, looked into Gibson, and went back to ESP for an E II Eclipse with active EMGs. I was beyond satisfied. I cant speak for the LTD line, but make no mistake... E IIs are excellent guitars. No flaws on mine, both played like a rocket out of the box. At this point, I'm completely sold. There's debate over the value/cost of the USA line, which boils down to wood/finish quality, duel neck supports and I suspect to some degree, labor cost. As far as I can tell anyways. That said, I've got an Original Custom Shop Eclipse Andromeda II being shipped to me now. I fully expect to have my socks blown off....

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