• Erthcode

    No Name

    So why doent ESP like to put their name on their guitars? I can understand LTD, being a subsidiary (like Gibson-Epiphone/Fender-Squire) and such. But now E-II is being used as a logo as opposed to ESP as well. It looks like if you want a guitar from the new product line, you have to pay $4,000+ to get a guitar that actually says "ESP" on it.

    Just something Ive been curious about for a while...

    Have any thoughts?

    • guitargirlemg81

      Maybe they just want the name ESP to be associated with higher quality instruments only. I don't understand why people would pay more than 2k for a guitar but whatever. The E-II still say ESP in the 12th fret and they and I think most of LTD's have the logo on the back of the headstock so there you go.

    • Erthcode

      Yea I hear ya.. The LTD I have has it on there. Even if it is in tiny letters on the back.

      BTW..... nice avatar image, pika slap loop. that had me lauging for a whiles..LOL