• ThorinAL

    E2 FRX vs ESP Original FRX

    Can someone help me understand what the difference is between the E2 FRX and the ESP Original FRX? I see a price range difference of $3000, but outside of the pickups, I dont understnad what you get for the additional $3K besides the ESP Logo on the Head Stock. Any ideas or comments?



    • 6-String

      The Original Series is a much higher quality instrument built in the ESP Custom Shop, the skill level of the ESP employees building them is also much higher in the Custom Shop than in what were the Standard Series Shops where the new E-II's are being built, the wood used is also of a better quality. On paper yes they are very much the same guitar and even to look at they are very much the same. We see this a lot especially with guitars from a lot of different brands, from the LTD EC-10 all the way up to the Korean made Deluxe, Standards, E-II, USA Eclipse now, the Original Series and Custom Shop. They all really look alike, a lot of the specs are the same but the differences are huge when they are in your hands.

      Oh yeah and lets not forget bragging rights (:

      Not a lot of people have had the opportunity to actually handle or play an Original Series yet. Up till recently they have only been available in the Japan Market. Here in the US only a few dealers carry them but they are the highest level production series guitar ESP offers.

    • ThorinAL

      While I'd love to belive the hype. I'm just not seeing it. According to ESP's own website, the equiptment is exactly the same. If all  we are saying is that one is hand crafted by a person costing much more money, thats explainable. But the components are exactly the same. I'm only going by thier own website...


      PS: FWIW, Bragging rights are DEFINTELY worth it :)

      • vipprimo

        I totally understand where you're coming from because I felt the same way.  Let me say that specs on paper don't do any justice to holding them in your hands when the difference is inescapable.  I don't want to knock the "cheaper" variant because even my cheapest LTD is a great guitar, but I felt the price variation was justified after I played them.  I would suggest doing the same before you pass final judgement.  Will you agree? I have no idea, but if you don't then at least you know you can save some money on the more expensive one. 

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    • 6-String

      Hi Amir, yes the Original Series is a lot more hand crafted like you said. Although the specs on the site might be near or even identical on some models the woods used are also higher quality and the Original Series FRX has a huge thick maple cap on it, not just a thin veneer top. It is hard to see on the sunbursts but it is about half the thickness of the guitar. A 5A Curly, Quilted, Figured piece of wood like that alone in block form costs a few hundred bucks, it they cut it down to make veneers they could get a bunch of tops out of it but they use the whole thing for one guitar. Side by side in person you can also see the difference, pictures do not do them justice.

    • Stevie Strings

      So, has anyone purchased an EII FRX yet? If so, any comments other than "It's sweet!"? Maybe a little info on the feel, sound, quality of the fit and finish. I am strongly considering one but have reservations. I am also interested in the quality of the trem (tuning issues, noisy). Just some things I would be interested in hearing about. If you have one, please let us know!