• John K.

    Joined the ESP family!

    Hello everyone,


    just wanted to introduce myself to this forum now that I have officially joined the ESP community this year.


    I was working the whole summer and wanted to reward myself with a new guitar. My local music store had an ESP E-2 Eclipse in Black Cherry on clearance sale for 1200€, it was a floor model but basically untouched. Got her home and fell in love. So much that I started looking for a Standard Series Eclipse in Vintage Black and today it finally arrived.




    The guitars are just perfect for me. I love thicker necks with the shorter Gibson scale and these just feel like they were made for my hands. Not too thin nor too thick, great playability and I dig the XJ frets. Needless to say they look killer too.


    I don't get the hate for the E-2 models to be honest, my Black Cherry has been perfect straight out of the box and convinced me to join the ESP camp and get the Standard Series that arrived today. Only thing I could complain about is that the ESP logo on the 12th fret isn't perfectly at angle with the frets and that I'm not fond of Rosewood boards but playability, sound and feel are top notch. Same on the VB, the guitar doesn't show at all it's 14 years old.

    Anyway, I have a video as well:


    That is all for now. Today is a good day.



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