2019 New Product Prototype Preview

2019 New Product Prototype Preview

Today is the day that we're going to start our annual member-exclusive New Product Preview. ESP All Access members will receive a weekly email with a pic sent to their inbox, as long as their account preferences allow us to send them marketing messages. Keep an eye out for Prototype #1 today!

Michael L.

The snow white is cool.

But i used to love the logo EC-1000 or EC-1001 here on the 12th fret. I know i know, i quibble ^^

In time, does the color turn "yellowish" as often with the white guitars ?

Mōrā - Azüra guitarist

Sure the Snow White looks good, but come on 3 eclipses in a row? Plus, all of them EC-1001.

Where are the Baritones, the 7 strings, the EX models, new Horizons models, 400 Series model ?

Definitly expecting a good 2019 preview from ESP !

Michael X.

Right, how about some dynamite looking viper bodies. It's like you guys completely forgot about the vipers. I love that body style and would love to see full abalone body bindinging on them to have them look a bit more like a yamaha sg3000...with like amazing colors like purple, ivory, emerald green, etc 

Toby H.

New around here and real keen to see the new prototypes! Are there any ways of being able to see them? 

Cogan C.

They will usually post them here, otherwise you should receive them via email every Friday.


I like the design of the LTD Deluxe Arrow-1000. Would be nice in a satin black finish. I'm hoping to be a proud owner of a ESP guitar someday. I've always been a fan of them just never owned one. Never have the money. I'll keep dreaming I guess. Really liking the 2019 prototypes.

Derek H.

So far I like all of the prototypes. They all show the quality and swagger that the LTD line of guitars are number one on my list. I own 4 LTDs and the way the prototypes are turning out I’ll probably have a couple of more. Keep up the good work! 

Michael L.

Nice Arrow guitar, i like it.

Mōrā - Azüra guitarist

Nice Arrow for sure! What would be cool would be Arrow-407 with no floyd


The arrow/jesse in white is a solid offering in a great niche.  How do these differ from the Arrow LTD-401 versions from just a few years ago?


lovi'n the arrow, but a slightly more exiting paint job may be in order

Francois V.

The LTD Deluxe Arrow 1000 looks really nice with this snow white color, love it ! But I'm surprised I can't see the "Deluxe" printed on the headstock and the "Arrow 1000" or something similar on the 12th fret. 


2 LTD Arrows revealed so far! This is gonna be a great year for me!

Johnny Peebucks

I just got a gander at the LTD 1000 Deluxe Arrow, violet Chamemelion is the finish and it looks like it's under stage lights when there's just one iridescent light in the room, it's that breathtaking. Not for everyone, especially the goth kid or the emo white dudes lmao! But I think they're hitting their target demographic cause it's a V with Metal written all over it, not literally. Has all the pro aftermarket goodies on it one would expect from LTDs 1000 Deluxe series but what was a dealbreaker for me is that volume knob placement, it's right in the way of my strumming. I had the same problem with the Fender Jim Root Telecaster I bought when they first came out and returned it. But, I've since found out about ppl that have simply made a new hole, out of the way of the right hand, hence further back, and plug the hole up with aftermarket hole plugs in every shape or color needed. Forgot the Co. Name so just Google it. Another success for ESP but be mindful of your knob layouts as not all of your players are shreeders.

Dayve B.

The arrow looks awesome but really needs a reverse headstock!!

Quentin H.

New colors on the arrow? I’m pissed!!! I bought one when it only came in black. DAMMIT!!!

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