2019 New Product Prototype Preview

2019 New Product Prototype Preview

Today is the day that we're going to start our annual member-exclusive New Product Preview. ESP All Access members will receive a weekly email with a pic sent to their inbox, as long as their account preferences allow us to send them marketing messages. Keep an eye out for Prototype #1 today!

Michael L.

Not bad, even if we have seen this color on others "Les Paul Style" .

Road King

Surely 2019 will be the year ESP switches to reversed headstocks on all Horizon models. Yep, I can feel it.

Tingwei H.

Ltd eclipse looks prime. Would love to see the specs soon

Jeff K.

This one has some special features. We can't wait to tell you!

Josh mcnabb

These last two prototypes have been in standard scale. I would love to see the Ltd line offer more standard scale models. I always see great models with Ltd but only in the 25.5. I don't think I'm the only one that would be excited to see this in the future 

Daniel A.

From the pic in the email, I'm not a fan of the inlay. Can you get it with a different fretboard?

Robert S.

Prototype #1 

Love it. Thinking black binding on the front and back of the body would look killer but not a deal breaker. I’m a sucker for binding. Maybe an easy access for the truss rod. A truss rod cover that swings open or no cover at all. 

Shawn S.

The one that just posted today, Oct 19, is gorgeous! That satin honeyburst finish is stunning! Thumbs up!

Noah B.

I’m just gonna put this out there. I miss the EC 401 B, and it’s style and aesthetic, and desperately wish to see more baritone scale length black satin finish eclipse model guitars from you guys. Sure, you have a bunch of seven string arrangements, but drop tuning isn’t about the number of strings present, It’s about scale length.


I won’t forget to mention the BB 600 B, of course, but I’m just not that patient or financially qualified to spend THAT much for a baritone eclipse. Why not make a set of very simple and to the point production model baritones, like the MH-400 B seems to be, but in that particular guitar’s tier of quality, style, and price range?

Noah B.

In short, I just want to be able to buy a baritone scale length, black satin and hardware eclipse for about $750 soon.

Kevin M.

ESP please bring back a run of the ESP E-II Arrow 7 or maybe even an E-II version of the Hex-7....


Just saw the latest pic and all i can say is:

ESP does Chapman better than chapman lol

Allan B.

That is a beautiful guitar!  I love that Honey Burst finish and the bookmatched top.  Of course unless you paint a turd on it, I'm going to think every Eclipse looks amazing as I'm a bit biased


Any idea on price?

Jeff K.

Info on pricing will likely not be announced until the official debut of the new products in early 2019.

Tyrone E.

Great look, but probably would prefer a gloss finish. A 12” radius throughout is a must. 

Francois V.

This LTD Deluxe EC-1000T/FM in Honey Burst Satin finish looks nice, but once again, I do regret that she has only 22 frets. Is this LTD's new sales policy to forget about the 24 frets EC 1000 ? 


Not everyone wants 24 frets 

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