• carbons2k

    What happened to strnghtbyndstrngth?

    So strnthbyndstrngth painted one of my guitars years ago and I'd like him to paint another... is he still around here?

    • Pushead

      He passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. I can't remember who was able to get in touch with his family to confirm, but there were a few members who had guitars with him.

      It's a shame. Outside of guitars and paint, Bill was a really cool guy.

    • carbons2k

      Damn. I had no idea. I'm really sorry to hear. When I painted my M-ll he was real nice to me and kept in touch the whole way. 


      I really liked that he did the mummy replicas on the KH guitars and wanted to get one of my own. Does anyone else do it?

    • Guiguitarz

      Is he the guy who did mine ?

      I heard the story few years ago, of a man that did like 10++ Mummy guitars with decals. I can't remember his real first name, but used to know it...

    • Pushead

      If it was from the US, it was likely him. He did a bunch of Mummys, as well as Dracula, Frankenstein, Ouija, etc. He also did other project stuff, including painting my color-flip Mirage.

      He was a good dude.

    • carbons2k

      Pus, do you know anyone that might do that kind of work as well?

    • Road King

      I think his name was Bill. I was going to have him paint my Phoenix, but then he passed away. 

    • BlackJack21

      Yea here's one of the Mummys he made.

    • Pushead

      I don't really have any good painting contacts. I know friends of friends, but not well enough to try to get discounts or sneak quick projects into their cue.

    • ProfessorExp

      I did business with Bill face to face on a couple occasions. He was a cool guy that did really amazing work. He showed me around the shop and the projects they were currently working on. Some of the cars they were doing were unbelievable, not your typical insurance company body shop bs. This was all high end custom work on expensive cars.


      Here's two guitars he did for me. The Ouija is all paint and the Evil Dead is a clear coated decal. Both are amazing, glass smooth paint jobs, better than the finishes that were on the guitars when they were new. The Evil Dead guitar is only an LTD M-10, a cheap project that was just supposed to be wall decor for my movie room. Bill loved doing the Metallica guitars but he was excited to do something original and couldn't wait to see the response on the old message board. I never would've thought it was the last one he would do for me. I'm gonna try to get Bruce Campbell to sign it during his upcoming book tour. I wish I had Bill sign it as well. 


    • slab

      He did nice work.