• Pushead

    Blah blah blah new EP

    Blah blah words. Blah blah new EP. Blah blah support independent music.  Blah blah blah neighbors from hell.  Band bravado blah blah blah.

    Blah blah did you know The System After has a new CD coming out?

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    • Gfunk

      Hi Pusyhead!




    • exhibit-sbt

      Heard it, old.  Still good.  Great work pusbert!

    • exhibit-sbt

      Bumping this again, similar reason of fuck Paco.  Let's talk about Pus's EP before that.  

      Pus, can you go through some of what you used in recording this and why?  The production is pretty great for at home in the garage.

    • Pushead

      Hi Gfunk!

      Well, nothing here is groundbreaking.  It's full of tropes and things that have been done a million times before, but they're fun to play.

      Drums are live tracked and mixed with samples from Slate and triggered by Trigger.  Cymbals are all natural.

      Bass wasn't as good as it was on the last album.  Poorly recorded and then lost in the guitars.  In other words, typical metal bass.

      Left side guitar was either an LTD MH-400 or BC Rich Bich (both with EMGs) through a 6505+.

      Right side guitar was the PPE Eclipse through a Single Recto (v1).

      Solos were an MII Deluxe through the recto.

      Clean was the Tele and an LPC through the TriAxis & Gmajor.

      Recorded using 2 Presonus FP-10s run through an ART mic pre  & compressor.  Recorded and mixed in Sony Vegas 9.

      Mastered in a separate process, also in Vegas using the Slate FG-X.

      If you're super bored, you can see production update videos (though there isn't much production as they go on...):

      Studio Diary Playlist

    • Pushead

      I wonder how hard it is to get a song into the top 10 of Soundclick.