• ChainOfThought




    edit: Sans shortcuts, it seems.  In the works, perhaps?


    One small step for the boards.  One giant leap for postcount+1.

    • Dave R.

      List the keyboard shortcuts, and I will enter them in...

    • ChainOfThought

      Ohhhh damn son.  Challenge is on I guess.  I don't remember them all but I'll start and people can add.  I'll edit my other post where I just asked you the same question in the other thread    <- Just made me noticed that some shortcuts work, and I totally dig the way they do.  No more accidentally mistyping them and feeling dumb when you have a :rolin in your post


      Not legacy, make up shortcuts?











       :seriously? (the ? finishes the shortcut there...)



      Legacy, not working or don't know the shortcut:

      (so I made up some shortcuts...)


       :cheese / :troll






      Thats all I got for the moment. 

      These are working:

       : )

       ; )

       : confused

       B )

       : P

       : o

       : hat :

       : rollin :

        > : (

        : evil

       : rolleys

       : D

       : alien :

       : smokin

       : embarrassed :

       : lol


    • Jeff K.

       is a bit of a problem. Every URL in the world has a ":" followed by a "/". I've already noticed this being a problem for parsing links. Might need to tweak that one.

    • ChainOfThought

      Uhm...how about just going with :\?  It even matches the emoticon better that way


      or :-/ or 8/ or /: or \: or :wtf or :nope