• donting

      Actually it's very good. I'm not a convert though. I am guessing it's cut from solid steel like the Gotoh stuff rather than the OFR and the ibanez ones on the Jems which are die cast. It feels very solid, I like it.


      Aesthetically it works because it's black against black so one would never know. It would be an eyesore on anything else though. I can see why he ordered it like this.



    • MA110

      Looks good, Donting.

    • Mojow jojow

      Nice wall bro!

    • donting

      Had a big u-turn on some of the guitars in the last 2 years. sold the ESP tele and the 1940s Gibson, also sold all 3 JEMS and the ESP gobstopper. Bought a new (old.. 1889) house, replaced those axes with a new Gibson customshop ES-175 and a new fender customshop post-modern relic strat and a yamaha grand piano (S4) - clearly GETTING OLD!!!!!!! still got the pink herbert though

    • ESP 348

      Heya mate, the first apartment pics were cool.

      Any pics of the new gear in the new (old) house?

    • Road King

      Pics or OP sniffs roses and plays through his Axe FX 2 with his pinky out.

    • donting

      Thanks 348, and RK. as you wish



      Yamaha S4. used (early 2000s) but mint. sounds absolutely phenomenal 







      my new drinking spot 








      Gibson ES-175 (2015). picked this up in a store in Brighton, RRP in the UK was £3500, they had it listed at £2500 as it had a neck repair when they previously shipped it to the original customer and the headstock cracked in transit, who then sent it straight back. i have no issues with neck repairs and it was done well, so I gave it a try and loved it to pieces, i'd always wanted one of of these for jazz stuff as it is the quintessential modern jazz guitar (other than the L5, which is 3 times the price). it is a different animal to the 40s archtop on the previous page (which i sold after i bought this, as i never played it after i got this).

      The store gave their position away by admitting that it was very difficult to sell and had been sitting in the store for ages as people were nervous of buying a guitar with a repaired neck, even heavily discounted.. i knew i had them by the balls then. i left the place in the morning then went back into the store at the end of the day and after about 20 minutes managed to bargain them down to £1700, it was the manager calling the owner several times trying to negotiate but i was like... you've had this for months, no one is going to buy this other than me... let me take it off your hands so you can forget all about it. and they finally went for it. absolute bargain. 














      new Princeton Reverb reissue to play the bastard through (Herbert with 4x12 doesn't handle so well with this). brilliant amp. i used my black ESP tele on the previous page to trade with in the store. its new so i had to pay list £950, but they took £850 off on trade with the ESP (of which i paid £750 to Lexi back in the day), so essentially it was a 'swap' if you like. very very happy with it









      Tayler acoustic with ebony board (used, from mid 2000s when they were still using black-black ebony). amazing piece 











      2016 Fender customshop journeyman post-modern. has the 60s look and tone but with jumbo frets, compound radius fretboard, thinner neck finish, in-line staggered height tuners for stability,  electronics have that reversed wiring in the 4th and 2nd positions so that it reduces hum, there are other things as well discreetly changed to improve it. after 6 months with this guitar i can say it is one of the best looking and sounding guitars i've ever owned - only improvement i will likely do is switch the pickups to some bare knuckle (trilogy, probably) as i prefer something hotter and tighter on the base. i will change them this year at some point. other than that, i love it!

      pics taken in the store on the day. for this it was a 2 month negotiating period where i would walk into the store after work about once ever 2 weeks to just look and drool, and sometimes have a play. but as a brand new instrument i was reluctant to pay as i have a principal of never ever ever paying RRP for anything, i 90% of the time buy used (or damaged lol). however, i loved this thing so much since the day i tried it out as it was close to the playability of my suhr yet with the pure fender look and sound, my ideal situation with a strat. i couldn't let it go. it was listed for £2899 and after the 2 months finally got it for £2340, which is a decent discount as Denmark street never discount more than 10% on brand new gear. very much worth it as it is such a fine instrument and the relic work is very gentle. really beautiful checking and yellowing. i will have to get more pics in natural light













    • frantic77


    • donting

      Thanks frantic !


      hey btw who currently owns the ninja star KL?

    • frantic77

      sorry,i have no idea!

    • Road King

      Nice gear. How does Fender custom shops compare to ESPs and Gibsons? Or are they all about the same? I've seen plenty of new Fender CS guitars for reasonable prices, just not the master built ones.

      I bet your place smells like finely aged scotch and many leather bound books.

    • donting

      Getting there RK but only 2 leather bound books so far so maybe I n 40 years time.


      the fender CS the post modern is closest to my suhr, due to the fret dims, maple neck/board and access neck joint and most importantly compound radius fretboard, which plays an enormous part. The Gibsons all play and sound like gibsons and my only ESP left being the EXP feels and sounds like a hot rodded Gibson. 


      My other ESPs historically felt and sounded like improved ibanez'. So with the fender I can't really compare.


      The quality of the fender CS is in a league of its own but has the price to match so is unfair to compare in terms of 'this is better than that'. But the balance and quality of woods used, the beautiful aged nitro finish, the thought that has gone into making it function like a super modern guitar and play like one, but still look and sound like (and actually feel as well) like you're playing a real vintage 1965 fender strat, really is worth the price. 


      The other fender CS I had (the tele no caster) was not my cup of tea as it was designed to replicate a no-caster so had the  7" radius board and smaller frets etc. Which to me after the fun of owning a new guitar died down, felt like shit. so be careful 




    • Road King

      Thanks for the info. Nice piano, btw, but I didn't realize pianos cost so much.  I look forward to your Depeche Mode covers.

    • slab

      I approve of these items.


      Well done.

    • donting

      Thanks slab

    • Road King

      Any pics of the amps, pedals, or new house? They don't build them like that anymore.

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