• Barry R.-

    2010 ESP Formula pics

    HI..just some pics of my new 2010 ESP Formula guitar..hope you like..satin black w/black pearl binding white EMG 81/85 pup set..God Bless..Barry

    • Ozzfun

      ESP Formula for Success:

      Ban omess.


    • donting

      Nice pics. But not enough informations 


      god bless

    • Barry R.-

      hi donting..well,here's some other info..this is a 2010 ESP Formula FR.1st version.built by the custom shop builders.a special guitar that never got recognition..and discontinued.from lack of music/guitar companys knowing about them.very rare guitar..and Japan market only..as far as we know it's the only one that made it over here into the USA.there were only 30 to 40 made total.floyd rose versions,hardtails,ect..again..2010 ESP Formula FR.Standard series.w/a Mahogany body,maple neck and maple top.Satin Black finish,w/black chrome hardware.Floyd Rose original tremblo..a Treml-no installed, Gotoh mini magnum tuners.white EMG 81/85 pups.Schaller strap locks.black pearl binding and dot inlay.w/ an Ebony fretboard.xtra jumbo 24 frets.25in.scale..and set neck.older ESP logo.and has a 43 mil.at the nut,so the high E string dosent slip off the frettboard..very nice.i think thats about it..thanks man..God Bless you too..Bear R.-

    • Gfunk

      That pig is hot! How does it sound?

      I assume these were ESPs version of a Comparison Angles.

      Please do not post large flank pics.  Thanks!