• Ozzfun

    The Official "I Have Trouble Understanding These Rules for Participation" Thread

    Here is a quote from the other thread:

    "please let us know if you have any trouble understanding these rules for participation"

    Because that thread had no ability for replies, I thought we'd need an official thread for those who have trouble understanding these new rules. Post here if you're having trouble and I'm sure someone will help you right away.

    • ChainOfThought

      Posting anything that may be offensive to any one person is prohibited?  Seriously?


      the new rules thread is offensive to me.  Id like te thread removed and appropriate action taken against the poster.

    • ProfessorExp

    • exhibit-sbt

      The state of the forum has severly depleted any GAS for actually buying an ESP.. with a conduct thread in place, I definitely will not be purchasing another.  It is absolutely offensive what they did to this place, how little they care, and what their solution is.

    • bhakan

      As a long time lurker on the old boards, here's my 2 cents to be ignored by the mods as everyone else's has.

      I get that ESP is trying to change the perception of this place.  Make it more friendly to new users and such, but they are doing it in entirely the wrong ways.  This place is falling apart now.  I assume that ESP's primary purpose for having a forum is to have a place for people to ask questions and get information about ESP guitars and that having a thriving lulz section is hardly important to them, but if they want to have questions answered they need to keep some lulz. 

      Unless of course the plan is for ESP personnel to be on hand to answer questions, there needs to be some people who are very knowledgable around, something that for all the (hilarious) bullshit of the old forum, it had in spades.  The problem is these knowledgable people aren't going to be asking questions themselves for the most part because they are already informed, and they probably don't spend their days just sitting on the computer waiting for someone to ask them a question they know the answer to. There needs to be something to draw the knowledgable people here and keep them here.  While having the Off Topic forum filled with sometimes slightly offensive shenanigans may seem slightly off putting, chances are a lot of the people involved in those shenanigans can answer almost any question about ESPs, and happen to be constantly checking the forum for shenanigans, so they will see and can easily help if someone has a question. 

      Now the forum is dead.  There are maybe 2 posts a day.  The old forum was filled with people who could tell you anything about the old '90s ESPs that there was almost no information for anywhere else on the internet who are gone now because why would they stay?  There is nothing going on here.


      Just saying, I think giving some thought to what the old forum members want may be more lucrative for bringing your vision of this new forum to life than you think. 

    • RZK

      All I can say is, apparantly Vipprimo got gaped, and complained about it, so Omess got banned, and now everything sucks.


      I mean, seriously, what the fuck? Whose definition of offensive are we using? Anything I say can be deemed offensive by someone, I'm sure. I haven't been around for a few weeks because this shit hole went to hell, and now it's just a sad empty shell of what it was. Noobs need to grow a pair, pull out their rag, and quit bitching.


      Go ahead JeffK. Ban me. Remove me from a forum in which I do not participate. Fuck you. You seriously suck. This "forum" seriously sucks. Everyone here sucks.


      Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits.

      • ♥messiah♥

        He didn't get gaped, I told him how excited I was to be talking to a famous person.  That's literally all I said!  I'd say go back and read my posts but that isn't possible anymore.  He was way meaner to me than I was to him so really he should have gotten the boot.

    • slab

      no, you suck dildo boy

    • donting

      Image saved



      Jeff K is the biggest tool ever to join the ESP boards. 

    • donting

      What happened to the rules of participation thread? 

    • ChainOfThought

      Mod (assuming, maybe it was a Jeff decision) listened to us and unstickied it a while ago, it faded off the front page.  I haven't looked but its probably still lingering somewhere down the line, still locked so it can't be bumped.  Good riddance.