• ChainOfThought


    I've probably posted this here before, but we're dead so whatever.  I redid the drum samples again, new kick & snare, couple cymbals changed out & different (also less) EQ's on each drum.  This time I also doubled up the samples with sends out to blank tracks, thickened it up a bit and let me blend compressed & uncompressed drums.

    This time I also put a bit of effort into humanizing the drums some.  The kicks I manually set all the velocities to try and mimic the way a drummer would hit them.  The rest I tried to 'intelligently' apply humanization through reaper and then the snare I tweaked a bit further in some spots.

    I really feel like this time I got a more natural sounding kick & snare and that they fit the style a lot better than my previous attempts.

    Kirk, if you stumble back in here...are the drums any less terrible as far as the machine sound?  I'm finding that I don't really feel like the slate drums handle dynamics so well, especially on the snare.  I'm waiting until I have a chance to record better guitar & bass tone, but I think I might eventually get Superior Drummer instead.  Everything I see/hear of it on youtube just sounds so much better to me.



    • KFW

      Huh, funny I picked today to check this place. I this sounds much better than any of your other clips! Sounds awesome. 


      And yeah, Slate drums don't handle dynamics too well IMO. Works for certain genres, but there just aren't enough hit variations and the difference between each velocity is pretty huge.

    • ChainOfThought

      Nice!  Now I feel all validated and special.


      Definitely sucks about Slate. I really started to notice it when I tried adding some ghost notes on the snare.  It goes from loud crack to quieter crack to 'I accidentally let the stick bounce half a milimeter.'  So the ghost notes just a bit of a roll effect before a hit if I put them close enough in time, if I try and space them out you just can't hear them or they sound like mistakes.


      Oh well.  I think now that I've gotten it all to this point I'm gonna try and hold out for them a while longer.  I don't REALLY want to drop 3-500$ on SD2.0 & Metal Foundry right now.  Still trying to save up for an AxeFX as my next major purchase.


      Now I gotta go through and humanize the rest of my tracks.