• ViralMarcus

    Returning for a NGD

    Everyone loves a NGD so I thought I would share it with you guys. Have only been lurking the past months. 


    I traded my Mexican Strat for this one and I think I got lucky cause it was a straight trade! It's a 93 Carvin Ultra V. This is a perfect match for my ESP SV standard. The 25.5 scale makes for an easy transition between the guitars. It's got a fender style fixed bridge with the strings through the body. Neck through construction and awesome sounding pickups. It also has coil split on both pickups which blew me away.

    These pickups are really fuckin hot but with the coil split it can get really nice and clean with nice attack, Came with a original hardcase and in insane condition for a 21 year old guitar.

    I have no idea if the coil split was a factory option on these.. any Carvinheads here that knows?


    • metalhobo

      Carvin used to offer all kinds of crazy electronics configurations, so yes, the coil splits are probably factory. I dunno why they don't do them as much anymore. My DC has coil splits plus a phase switch which is really neat. I'll also add that the control cavity on my DC is probably the cleanest and neatest guitar wiring I've seen.


      Anyway, rad axe, man. Digging the uniform black.

      • ViralMarcus

        Ok, that's what I thought. Phase switch sounds cool! And odd:p

        This instrument really got me GASing for a custom carvin of my own. Really digging the v220 model aswell. Or another ultra v with the round edges.

        Never seen a Carvin over here in Sweden also. Nice owning this one:)

    • Zorlac


    • metalhobo

      I think you're the only person who loves those Carvin pickups. Most people hate 'em. Personally, I thought the bridge pickup in my DC sounded good (not great) but I swapped it out for a Super Distortion, which kills. I don't think the original in my guitar was the same model as the one in your Ultra V, though.

      • ViralMarcus

        I found mostly love when I researched em. Mine has the m22v and m22sd. Someone compared the 22sd to the seymour duncan JB. I'm willing to agree. Anyways.. great low end and lots of body so to speak. And as I said.. the coilsplit is awesome.

        Either way.. happy camper