• Jeff K.

    ESP Supports Rock Against Trafficking

    • Jeff K.

      We like to be sure you're informed. Not everyone looks at all parts of the site. Thanks oMess.

    • guitargirlemg81

      In on epic nest*

    • Jeff K.

      It was updated five minutes after your request, oMess. Obviously, we hold you in high regard and try and be responsive as possible to your needs.

      • ChainOfThought


        ESP is helping to support Rock Against Trafficking, an organization that puts the power of the music and entertainment Industries to create global awareness of the horrors of child labor and sex trafficking. One lucky supporter of this worthwhile cause will get a very special reward!

        The winning artist or band:

        1. 1. Will be flown out to producer Gary Miller's studio in Malibu, California to record a song for the 'Set Them Free' album, which will be a collection of covers by Sting. Artists appearing on this album include, Slash, Heart, Julian Lennon, En Vogue, Glenn Hughes, and many more to be announced
        2. 2. Will have an original song produced and put on BuTown Entertainment's Record Label, which is distributed by Universal Records.
        3. 3. Will have a chance to have an album produced, if signed by BuTown Entertainment.

        In addition, the first 500 contestants who enroll in the contest will be put into a hat with the lucky winner receiving an ESP guitar signed by some of the legendary artist's performing on this album.

        Rock Against Trafficking will use the proceeds from the project to generate revenues to fund charitable platforms who work directly in rescuing and rehabilitating abused children.

        Watch the video for all the details, and then enter at the link below. Good luck, and thanks for helping to support the fight against human trafficking."



        What else are you looking for them to put dude?  I get that we're all mad about this forum, but you're starting to broken record yourself with trolling Jeff & the Mod.

    • Tondog

      Why not "Rock Against Meteor Showers"?

      It would be largely more meaningful and probably something that would actually get done in your name!

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      trafficking is the only way ugly white dudes can get laid.

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      Are there ESP flags flying down on the Mexican border now speaking out against trafficking or were they trampled under by all the rubber booted gnomes fleeing north?

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      They shouldn't have deleted homess' posts. Now like half of the forum's conversations make no sense, just look at this thread.