• ProfessorExp


    This looks like one of those chinese replicas, but the seller has pretty solid feedback. I would check the Explorer 101 thread but, oh yeah, right.

    Thoughts? Will eBay boot it if it's reported as counterfeit or is somebody gonna get hosed?



    • Zorlac

      If that's legit he's a retard. With all the changes at esp as of late, I'd be sitting on that axe for the next 5 years waiting to cash in...

    • Jeff H.

      I mean it looks pretty good but I don't know much about these. Pushead could probably tell you if he shows up.

    • metalhobo


      Q: whats the story behind this guitar
      A: do not know history of this instrument, tj







      ... yeah, okay.

    • exhibit-sbt

      It's Chinatown. 

    • Pushead

      While it looks nicer than most fakes I've seen, I'd lean toward fake.  Though the auction ended already, perhaps somene who has more experience with these guitars (or someone with no idea) made a big money offer already. Headstock seems the wrong shape, logo seems too small, the bridge seems too big (should have been an ABR-1, I think) and the color supports an aged guitar, but the rest is so clean.

      But realistically in a world where the internet has been available to the general public for almost 20 years, why would the original owner sell to a music store?  15 minutes of research would have told him/her that it was a reasonably high dollar guitar.  Heck, he/she could have joined the ESP Message Board, gotten the information and 1,000 friend requests and been automatically entered into a giveaway for a Will Adler LTD!

      The smart money says it's good to pass on that one.

      • Jeff H.

        Damn, I thought the logo looked ok. Shows how much I know. I do know it looks way better than most of the fakes logos I've seen for sure. They usually look absolutely horrible.

    • ProfessorExp

      Says the auction ended early because there was an error in the listing. Maybe the seller got hosed by whoever he bought it from and just realized (or it was brought to his attention) that its a fake. I found this older ebay auction for an actual EET FUK with a bunch of close up pics.  


      Pus is right about the bridge and serial number. Also the output jack on the real one is the round recessed style, not the newer square mount. And different tuners and cheaper looking truss rod cover. Safe to say this is a fake, but it is a pretty good looking one. If it were older and a little beat up, I probably wouldnt have thought twice about it. 


      I'd give my left nut for the real one that went for $7,950. Unfortunately, nobody will even give me $7,950 for both of my nuts, let alone one.