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    F*****g seymour duncan

    I've been trying to get some custom pickups from them since November and the won't do s**t. I have the ltd ec1000vb and want to put a duncan custom and 59 in there with a satin black cover with gold screws. Any one know where I can get some pickups with similar tone and the look I'm going for?

    • jt76

      heres a set on ebay, you just need to change the pole peices.  wich you can find on ebay as well.  

      EDIT ( i just relized after i posted that it is a jb / 59 set, not a bad set but the sh5 sounds really nice so you my want to go with my second option ) 



      just get an uncovered duncan custom and an uncovered 59,  go to ebay and buy a pair of black covers and gold pole peices,  change the pole peices with a screwdriver  and stick the covers on with small amount ot solder.  ( or have the tech at the local guitar shop do it if you don't have a soldering iron, although you would need one to install the pickups


    • exhibit-sbt





      Just get non-custom ones.  Who cares if they don't have satin black covers or gold screws?  It's an LTD and honestly, that's probably going to cost way too much.

    • jt76

      first I will say a 59 / sh5 set sounds really good,

      but if you have emg's, i would just keep the emgs. if you have emg's and you defnintely want to change to passives you will need to change your pots and probably the wiring.   If you keep the same setup and switch to passives, the passives will not be as loud as they should be, and may be a little muted.   In case you were not aware of that.

      if you have EMGS here is another thing to consider

        for the money you are going to spend on this you could just buy a used viper 1000. the model with the stock passives,  they already have a 59 / sh5 set in them.   then you would have an eclipse 1000 with EMGs and viper with the duncan passives. however i will note this advice is coming from a guitar horder.



    • Joey Spirito

      Bro I feel ya. We all want our style on our guitars. The problem is unless you have the money to shell out for a completely customized guitar, OR have the knowledge and tools to build your own shit, the only way to get what you want is to get sponsored. So with that being said, I'd stick with what is out there, JUST FOR NOW, build yourself as a musician, then come out and play your heart out. If someone likes you enough, that's when you bust out your ideas for design and fine tune the exact tone you want. Till then, you gotta just deal man =\

      • Serge Fabrizio

        Dude are you serious? There are literally thousands of options for people who want to make their guitar unique but can't afford a custom build. You've just got to have some patience and do your research. All the guys I know who are sponsored are a LOOOOOOOOONG way from being handed free custom shit, if you're waiting for a seymour duncan rep to roll up at your gig and start handing out free pickups, you're gonna be disappointed.

    • Scott O.

      Hey Joey, sorry for the trouble man - who have you been trying to get those from? Are you trying to order them Custom Shop or has the trouble been you just can't find them? They aren't a standard option but any music store could order it with the cover.

      The cover isn't a problem, you could have any dealer (banjomikez for instance) order a '59 and Custom with a 'black powder coat' cover which is the one black cover we have. Gold screws on the other hand would push it into the Custom Shop, where they have all sorts of other options. Now if you want to go that route, I will be your personal expeditor and I'll make sure it gets rushed to you. Just PM me right here.


      Otherwise, contact MacDaddy, Mike's Music or Stratosphere and ask them to please Shop Floor Custom order you a Duncan Custom and '59 with a black powder coat cover. And if those guys don't quickly put that order in for you, contact me and I'll take care of you directly.